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"★★★★★ òtimo Hotel bem localizado!!"

- Ana Linda, Facebook

"Great location for south activities, museums, shopping and all transit lines within short walk."

- Nanci154995, May 2013, TripAdvisor

"Indoor pool is lovely, clean, perfect temperature and big towels.We enjoyed relaxing in the beautiful adjoining rooftop garden in the late afternoon"

- Nanci154995, May 2013, TripAdvisor

"Staff extremely friendly and helpful."

- Nanci154995, May 2013, TripAdvisor

"LOVE this great little hotel."

- Nanci154995, May 2013, TripAdvisor

"We stayed here for a fun girls weekend in March … The beds were comfy, the room was quiet, and we had a great time, planning to come back to this hotel."

- Cheezchick32, March 2013, TripAdvisor

"My stay in this hotel was fantastic. Great location, close to shopping and many great restaurants. The view from my room was beautiful, I could see the city and the lake. The food at the restaurant (Brassiere) was fantastic! Very clean and comfortable."

- Erin J, May 30, 2013, TripAdvisor

"This hotel is great. The staff is awesome and so helpful. The kids loved the pool and it has a life guard on duty which was so nice. Will stay there again next time we are in Chicago"

- Anne Harner, January 2013, Facebook

"I stay at the Essex Inn every time I’m in Chicago. Great location and they are very friendly and their rates are good. Look forward to coming in December to see the Christmas decorations!"

- Charlene Thatcher, October 20, 2012, Facebook

"This is our FAVORITE place to stay in Chicago!!!"

- Valerie Hall, October 17, 2012, Facebook

"Best deal in Chicago….and what a great swimming pool!!!"

- Jan Walker’s Essex Inn Testimonial, July 23, 2012

"We spent 2 nights here over the past weekend. This was the best hotel service I have ever had. Everyone was friendly, the restaurant was impeccable. Reasonable price for the atmosphere, view and service. Thank you for making my first trip to Chicago so special."

- Carole Hood-Rodsky, 2011, Facebook

"GREAT location, great place!!!"

- Ken M. Woodmancy, 2011, Facebook

"Laura and I thoroughly enjoyed this hotel. Close to downtown, Grant Park, the Museum district, close to pretty much anything. Right across from Grant Park on Michigan Ave. We look forward to going back here."

- John Pokocky, 2011, Facebook

"We stayed here in August this year and had a fantastic time. Beautiful hotel. Loved sitting watching the sun rise in the morning and sun setting at night from the terrace garden. We are also planning coming back next August… Cannot wait!"

- Jacqui Horne, November 11, 2012, Facebook

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